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About us

Baoding Yapeng,a professional manufacturer for hand blown glasswares on electric furnace, was engaged in glassware products in name of "Yuxiu Glassware handicrafts" in 1998 and has been very experienced in this area. Our company is located in Yueling village, Tang county, Baoding city. Our main products are hand blown and machine pressed glass vases and export to many countries, such as USA, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Canada, Belgium, England, Dubai, Japan etc.

With the efforts of all our staffs, we have formed an avanced management system and our annual turnover can achieve million dollrs. On the advantage of large production scales, efficient electric furnace as well as streamlined production system, we have gained good populartity among our customers. What's more, it is only two hours' journey from Baoding city to Xingang port, Tianjin, with this developed transport,the prompt delivery time is guaranteed.

The general manager Liu Xiujie with all the staffs sincerely hope to expand new market with you to achieve win-win.


Contact: Xiujie Liu

Phone: 18733209866

Tel: 0312-3168266

Email: yxgy@yuxiuart.com

Add: 3/F, Unit 3, Bldg 2, Huo Ju Industry Park, Baoding City, Hebei Province, China.

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